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            PVC PASTE RESINS
            Update Date: 2017-06-15
            Product Brand
            YA XI YA XI
            PVC paste resin based on micro suspension method by the process production of vinyl chloride homopolymer, after processing with mixed plasticizer and other processing AIDS, forms a dispersion paste in shape, so the paste resin or paste resin is named.
            Artificial leather, wallpaper, color steel plate, foam floor, gloves, lining plastic toys or rotating casting, portrait, artificial fruit samples, plastic flowers, etc. Also applicat to compound coating, adhesive, printing ink and sealing material. PVC paste resin has many of simple processing equipment, cheap mold, easy foam, special shaping, processing with fewer heating, and small amount with many varieties .
            Packed in net 25 kgs paper bag with mid-inner lined plastic film with pallet,1.375mts/pallet, 22 MT /40 FCL.

            Qualty: Q/TWPVC 004-2014 Standard

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