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            Update Date: 2017-06-15
            Product Brand
            YA XI YA XI
            Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is composed of vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) polymerization of polymer compounds. In the process of polymerization, due to the aggregation process, reaction conditions and reactant composition, additives, and other factors, different types of PVC resin is produced and so all kinds of the performance of the resin is different.
            The appearance of the PVC resin: white powder or white grainy.
            TYXG-1000,POLYMERIZATION DEGREE: 813~1067;
            TY-800,POLYMERIZATION DEGREE:750~850;
            TY-1000,POLYMERIZATION DEGREE:950~1050;
            TY-1300,POLYMERIZATION DEGREE:1250~1350;
            TYH-2500,POLYMERIZATION DEGREE:2400~2600;
            PVC can be produced as per buyer requirement.
            Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin as synthetic resin, with wilde application field, can be used in PVC rigid products, soft products, coatings and adhesives production and processing. According to its application fields:
            A) building materials: such as, drainage pipe, pipe fittings, plates, profiles, etc.
            B) packaging materials, food, tobacco packaging film.
            C) electronic equipment, such as wire, cable, adhesive tape, bolt etc.
            D) furniture, decoration materials.
            E) other: such as automotive materials, medical equipment, etc.
            Product packaging and storage
            Two specifications:
            1Kraft paper and pp woven composite bags, bags of 25 + / - 0.25 kg net each.
            (2) composite plastic woven bag, bag of 1200 ~ 1202 kg net each.
            Products should be stored in a dry ventilated warehouse, preventing sunshine and damp.

            Q/TWPVC 001-2014, Q/TWPVC 002-2014,Q/TWPVC 003-2014,GB/T 5761-2006

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