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            Drip tape with side flipper
            Update Date: 2017-06-15
            Product Brand
            Xinjiang Tianye Xinjiang Tianye
            The main raw materialis Polyolefin, which is resistant to fertilizers and chemicals commonly used for irrigation, and temperatures of conveying water is up to 45℃ for irrigation. It’s not suitable for growth of algae and bacteria and is resistant to UV.
            Performance and features
            Labyrinth of water passage, outlet and piping of thin thickness drip tape is formed once-time. Features of this type of drip tape are low-cost, excellent-performance with wider water passage, turbulent flow, multiple-inlets, strong clogging resistance, uniform flow rate, high quality material, good tensile strength, easy to lay down by mechanization. Light and convenient to carry, lay down and pick up for recycle.
            Tianye driptape
            emit spacing200mm、300mm、400mm。
            Nominal flow ratel/h:1.8、2.1、2.4、2.6、2.8、3.2 Etc.
            Suitable for greenhouse, open fields, garden, forest, row crops.

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